Patrik & Jimmy

We are two brothers that are born and raised in the northern countryside of Sweden. From a young age we have been interested in nature and wildlife. The forest is our second home where we also work. We both still live with our families in the same small village where we grew up.  Jimmy has been a naturephotographer for many years. Now we want to cheer a unique experience with you and of course everything we know about  the epic Swedish wildlife. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us!

We are connected to Västerbotten Experience, which is Västerbotten's
seal for the activities that offer Västerbotten's nature and
cultural experiences. We work on the basis of the global criteria
for sustainable tourism developed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which means that we work to create positive effects for
the economy, environment and social areas by starting from visitors,
companies, the environment and the local community. 

We do this, among other things, by protecting our nature and our local culture, supporting local entrepreneurs and buying locally produced food as much as possible. Read more about Väseterbotten Experience at:

Environment and climate

This is an important part of our business. The hiding place is largely built on recycled material. Other materials are purchased locally to avoid unnecessary transport. We avoid using plastic and disposable products. All bait material consists of inspected meat waste from Strömdahla, a local slaughterhouse. Our work with the feeding of birds during wintertime contributes to the conservation of biological diversity and rare species are helped to survive in our Swedish nature.