To photograph from a hide

The season for birds of pray i starts in december and ends in mars. The birds in the area is white tailed eagle, golden eagle, goshawk, siberian jay and others like raven, tits and woodpeckers.  

To succeed in the hide it is very important to be quiet. We recommend a low tone in voice and clothes that don't make sounds.

The hide is heated with gasol and the temperature is around  +5 to +15 degrees celcius depending on the temperature outside.  It is decorated with a table and beds and has a toilette.

The day starts with transportation before the sun has risen and ends when the sun has set. To bring a flashlight is therefore recommended.

Warm clothes are a must, the transportation is done with a snowmobile.

The hide has in total seven windows so it is possible to use two cameras each.
The objective that are usually used are 100-400 mm for escape images and 400-600 mm for portraits.